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Since 2002 we have been supplying and installing HDPE pipe, we have ample experience working with all contractors, developers as well as city and county entities.

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We maintain a large fleet of McElroy fusion equipment; our equipment is available for rent or sale and ready to ship anywhere. All of our equipment is maintained to manufacture specifications. We also staff McElroy certified and trained operators and techs.


We stock a large inventory of pipe and fittings in every diameter, if we do not have the parts you are looking for chances are we can manufacture them for you in our state of the art facility. Or order them and have them ship to you usually within 24 Hrs. When it comes to HDPE pipe and fittings we are your one stop full service distributor.

We are a full service provider we hold a General A contractor's license, we can assist on your project from start to finish, we have ample experience and have done installations for; lift stations, discharge or pressurized lines, private and public projects.

Model Size Range Tech Required Dimensions Approximate Weight, LBS Power Requirement Specs (download PDF file)
Pit-bull 1 to 4 IPS NO 65 12 Amp, 110 Volts, 3500 Watt 1-Pitbull
28 butt fusion 2 to 8 IPS NO 750 5,000 Watt 2-28 Fusion
28 Butt Fusion 2 to 8 IPS NO 1,000 Self-contained 2B-28 Fusion
412 Butt Fusion 4 to 12 IPS NO 1,200 Self- Contained 3-412 Fusion
618 Butt Fusion 6 to 18 IPS NO 2,000 Self- Contained 4-618 Fusion
#824 Butt Fusion 8 to 24 IPS Training Recommended 3,800 25 KwSingle Phase 5-824 Fusion
#1236 Butt Fusion 12 to 36 IPS Training Recommended 4,500 40 Kw III Phase 240 Volt 6-1236 Fusion
#1648 Butt Fusion 16 to 48 IPS Training required 8,800 70 Kw III Phase 240 Volt 7-1648 fusion
2065 MegaMc 20 to 65 IPS Training or operator Required 15,000 100 Kw III Phase 8-2065 Fusion
Electro Fusion Processor All No, training is recommended 70 15 Amp 220 Volt 9-electro fusion
Data Logger All No, Training Recommended 25 110 Volt 10-Data Logger


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